Joseph Romero 50+ Program

Joseph C. Romero Jr. 


Our 50+ HIV program is named after Joseph Romero, who lost his battle with AIDS in 1997. Joseph worked as a CNA in nursing homes for most of his career. Before his passing, he was working as a Personal Care Aide in the homes of his elderly clients.

Joseph not only cared for their physical health, but he was able to be a consistent figure in their lives. He provided companionship when most had no one else.


In memory of Joseph’s kind, caring, and compassionate heart, and seeing the need for ourselves, we are inspired to start the Joseph Romero  50+ program. 

This program will focus on HIV positive individuals, 50 years and older. It will:

The 50+ HIV community often experiences loneliness and social isolation. They also face different issues surrounding stigma, some of which prevent them from seeking valuable resources that they may require. These are just a few of the many reasons we are passionate about the importance of this program and the support services it offers. 

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